nature's secrets

Thermal Water

The well on which the Cascade Complex has been built was created in 2006 in the Hegyeskő (Pointed rock) Valley. This treasure of nature rising up from a depth of 690 meters is – based on component analysis – contains plenty of sodium-calcium bicarbonate, fluoride and sulfur, which – rich in iron and silicic acid – slows the aging process and has beneficial effects on the skin, nails and hair. According to some opinions, the thermal water from Demjén has a prominent place among the best Hungarian spa waters.

As a result of these sulfuric bath treatments, the sulfur incorporates into the articular cartilage, which causes degenerative joint diseases and osteoarthritis to improve significantly. The sulfur dilates the blood- and coronary vessels positively, helping blood flow to and from the heart.

We can also count on the significant biological activity of calcium and magnesium. While the first has an anti-inflammatory effect, magnesium improves muscle operability and also improves stress tolerance of our body.

The water cure can be used to:

  • reduce rheumatic pains,
  • degenerative joint degradation,
  • osteoporosis,
  • gout,
  • bone injuries,
  • pre- and post-treatment of orthopaedic operations.

Last but not least, we would like to emphasize the positive impact of thermal water on the nervous system as well as the increased stress tolerance that longer bath cures bring.

However, this treatment is not recommended in case of infectious diseases, cancers, heart failure, circulatory disorders, thrombosis and other blood disorders, asthma and hypertension or during pregnancy.

The National Medical Officer, after compliance with strict rules to control on-site inspection, according to the decision of the Certification Authority in February 2015 gave the Cascade Hotel Resort & Spa a 4-star (****) SPA hotel rating.


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