under the surface


The Slide Tower The Fairy Cave pleasure pool Cave of the goblin Calamus Tale Island Termal Bay The Cave of Secrets Slow River Salt Cave Sauna Cave

The Slide Tower

Winding underworld slideways remind us of the old battle, when the forces of light defied dark sorcery here, under the surface. This is why the slide complex carved into the mountain connects to the 760 meters long cave system, just like the foes who battled in this winding world. Visitors are brought to its highest point by a panorama-lift.

Arriving to the top, the 25 meters long giant slide appears, which lets the courageous guests descend like the knight who once slided from the dragon’s head all the way to its tail scales. The adventure in the photosensor-filled kamikaze slide is complemented by a special UFO, a twirling anaconda and whirlwind fast turbo slides.

Small children, little people and halflings along with their protective parents can dive into the magical aquatic world of the Fairy Island and who knows, they may as well discover the goblin Book of Wills at the bottom of the 133 meter long Slow River.


The Fairy Cave pleasure pool

Illangó, the fleet-footed fairy once inhabited this long and rambling part of the cave.

The wizard Mákony imprisoned her here so that her light never reaches the upper world again — but he got defeated.

For a seemingly never ending period of time, the fairy light and healing powers have thoroughly permeated the clods and rocks here, so when the source emerges from the deep where Knight Demjén’s broadsword had hit the ground, it comes charged with the noblest and strongest fairy magic possible. Those who come this way can admire Illangó and her twin sister Villangó and discover the fairies’ trousseau chests.


The magic water’s temperature is  35-36°C
Specialty items — such as bubble bath beds — enhance experiencing the fairy-magic.

Cave of the goblin Calamus

This is where the good goblin king Calamus tossed the Book of Wills in the deep so that no mere mortal would grab it ever again.

This is why the variety of refreshing and healing water jets found here are capable of fulfilling our most secret desires. We can feel the magic on our skin, in our body and soul.

But only if they are neither dark and evil, nor selfish and jealous — or the spirits of Calamus and his fellow goblin henchmen will prevent them.


The goblin water’s temperature is  35-36°C
The magic of the Book of Wills is conveyed by massaging water jets.

Tale Island

Small people will discover a miracle on Tale Island. Children’s sweet laughter fill the room, as they’re splashing in the magic water — while they get a glimpse into the tale book of Mother Holle,  who was Illangó, the fleet-footed fairy’s mother. The pages tell the legend of the thermal water and the beneficial effects of fairy magic. We can learn about the birth of the Cascade Cave Bath.

The curious can start with the tale’s first chapter in Mother Holle’s book, but the rest of the story has been hidden underwater where they can — after very little searching — find it using swimming goggles.


The Tale Island’s water temperature is 36-37°C
The adventure is emphasized by Mother Holle’s statue and flower-like water jets.

Termal Bay

Out of the chasm left by Knight Demjén’s broadsword — during the legendary battle against the wizard Mákony and his dark legion — comes a source of healing water, carrying all the good magic and fills up the Thermal Bay.

The Cascade Cave’s treasure is this unique thermal water. According to the chronicles, whoever had a swim in this water forgot their hurts and griefs. The ugly embellished, the old rejuvenated, the sick healed and the unhappy found happiness here.

The pampering water in the gulf of the Thermal Bay is freshly filled with thermal water from our inexhaustible well. As scientists stated self assured: “Thanks to its healing properties, the water is ideal to cure musculoskeletal disorders. Based on the examined components, the sodium-hydrogen-carbonate, fluoride and sulfur contents which include significant iron and silicic acid slows aging and improves blood circulation and movement ability.”


The temperature of Demjén’s magic healing water is 36-38°C
The Thermal Bay experience is emphasized by a jet back-massage and completed light therapy

The Cave of Secrets

The Cave of Secrets allows for a refreshing rest after some pleasant time in the healing water.

The Cave concentrates all the terrestrial and underworld goodness that the creatures who once lived here could ever offer. The water in this unique underground bath ensemble conveys the healing properties of the breath of dragons, peace from fairies, knowledge from goblins fading in the early times and the strength of kings and knights. The lights, the colors and the music are all part of this magic. One can speculate about Knight Demjén’s tales or tales of their own, in the soothing musical atmosphere in The Cave of Secrets… where, who knows, we can possibly unlock the secret of the Book of Wills.

Slow River

Those ever visiting here will undoubtedly be visiting an enchanted cave empire touched by the breath of the everlasting. The 133 meters long Slow River was born from the chasm by Knight Demjén’s broadsword who provides, in addition to caressing waves, a passage from the world of fairies and goblins to the slide park rising high above the volcano crater.

The Slow River’s water temperature is 35-36°C

Salt Cave

This is where all the healing magic the Cascade cave offers will really penetrate your body and soul. Take some time to relax. Aside from the water, the salt is the cave’s other treasure.

This treasure has proven to know everything possible about human respiration and is perfecting the human body since centuries. Like once the valiant knight, the salt fights against allergies and inflammations, disinfects, does miracles with the respiratory tract and strengthens the immune system.

Relax in the comfortably rocking and soothing environment of the cave, accompanied by relaxing music, where special lighting with the therapeutic effects of colors provide a pleasant feeling.


Sauna Cave

The stones heated up by Flametooth, the dragon — even after thousand years — radiate the noble heat.

The mixture of heat and cooling water strengthens the body like the blacksmith hardens a good blade. Forget everyday worries in our Sauna Cave.

Two kinds of saunas honour Flametooth. A traditional finnish sauna and an aroma sauna is burning for our visitors. Refreshment is provided by the cold water dive basin and showers. Here, pick and choose and lend an ear to the house rules as they are there for your wellbeing.

Finnish sauna

The most popular type of sauna. The temperature of approximately 95°C offers a deep cleaning effect.

Aroma sauna

The air in the cabin is mixed with different organic essential oils. These essential oils have, depending on their origin, a refreshing or relaxing effect. The aroma cabin’s temperature is 40°C.

Dive Basin

The Dive Basin provides a guaranteed refreshment after using the saunas. The pool has a temperature of 18°C. Before use, for hygiene reasons we invite our guests to use the showers.

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