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It is believed, that Spa stands for “Sanus per aquam”, which means “healthy by water” or health out of the water, but in fact the origins of the word are rather linked to the belgian resort named Spa.
Today, Spa refers to methods and treatments to keep our health. Spa has become a way of life.
All the services of the Cascade Spa aim to help our guests forget everyday worries and pamper themselves, recharge both physically and mentally.

Aqua Spa

Dear Guests!

Please note that we offer our adult guests a quiet bathe at our Aqua Spa department every day from 16 pm to 20 pm. For children under 14 years  the Cascade Cave Bath and Water Park and the Spa and Aquapark are available during this period of time.

Thank you for your understanding!


The Cascade Aqua Spa is an oasis where an indoor leisure pool, a sauna, an infrared sauna, a steam bath, an aroma room, a salt room, a plunge pool and a pleasant terrace await our customers wanting to relax and renew all the way from spring to autumn.

Modern-day people may find it difficult to hide from the stressful weekdays, but we have a nearly thousand-years old hideaway for that: the sauna.

Time slows down as we step in the sauna. That sensation is emphasized by the slowly flowing sands. Our soul finds peace in the heat radiating from the hot lava rocks, our brain switches off, but the other parts of our body keep working: skin pores open and our blood fizzes thanks to dilated blood vessels. We are getting rid of toxins through increased circulation and sparkling drops of sweat.

During sauna séances, our guests get introduced to the essence of the sauna culture and get to know how it is done properly. The sauna master controls humidity and temperature through infusions for the most intense detoxification.

A wide range of sauna séances await our guests.

Beauty Shop - BABOR Facial Treatments

BABOR - the German pioneers of beauty. Since its foundation in 1956 by the renowned biochemist Dr. Michael Babor, the BABOR company has kept focusing on innovation, establishing itself as a true pioneer of professional skin care.

The BABOR Research and Development Centre has turned the secrets of nature into high-tech products for the past 55 years. These products combine nature and technology to synergistically create the highest achievable quality. The research centre is the center pillar of the company since its inception and has been helping BABOR to retain its position as a leader among its international competition.

Beauty Spa

The world-famous TERRAKÉ SPA luxury treatments pamper our guest in a way unique in Hungary. The treatments are inspired by four elements: earth, water, air and the flora, the world of plants.

The earth’s ancient four elements, which in the right combination created the very special microclimate in which man could appear and develop. The “Magical land”, “Ancient waters”, “Air and light” and the “Lush flora” TERRAKÉ treatments were inspired by the birth of the world and bring you in close contact with the forces of our earth. The efficiency of our beauty rituals come from this rediscovered fusion of unique scents, subtle textures and massage movements perfectly evocative of the chosen world. Immerse yourself in the world of Terraké and discover a pleasant journey that nourishes, regenerates and beautifies your body, soul and spirit.

Medical Spa

Medical Spa

Massage is the interaction of touch with the body, head, hands and feet. However, massage does not only affect the skin or muscles, but impacts on how the immune system functions. It also improves operation of internal organs through neurostimulation. A thorough massage infuses the entire body and the whole being.

Different forms of massage has been used for thousands of years for healing or pain relief. Ancient Greek and Roman physicians used it as one of their main means of healing and pain relief. In the 5th century B.C. Hippocrates, “the father of medicine” wrote the following: “The physician should be experienced in many ways, but primarily in rubbing. Because rubbing can either rearrange a loose joint or loosen a stiff one.”

Pliny, the famous Roman naturopath received constant massages to get rid of his asthma, and Julius Caesar, who had been suffering of epilepsy was tweaked every day from head to toe to reduce his neuralgia and relieve him of his torturing headaches.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Swedish Per Henrik Ling has developed a technique that is the “Swedish massage” as we know it. It is in reality no other than a mixture of the Chinese (he gained practical experience, learned massage, exercises and the use of herbs from a Chinese kung-fu master called Ming), the Egyptian, the Greek and the Roman physical and physiological exercises.

Our treatments are based on the Swedish massage technique.

A wide variety of massage sessions are available to our guests.


The traditional Thai Massage is a so-called dry massage. Guests wear a comfortable dress made of natural materials allowing unrestrained movement. In order to achieve the necessary impact, the physician massages using several parts of their body. They can use their palms, thumbs, legs, forearms and knees. The masseur treats guests in different positions, which start from the following basic positions: supine, lying on their side and sitting. Massages are performed on a mattress placed on the ground.

During a Thai massage, our physicians work along energy lines, based on the belief that the foundation of all life are invisible energy channels that permeates and sustains the body.

Beneficial effects

  • Dissolution of energy bottlenecks and restoration of balance
  • reduces stress, reduces pain and stimulates circulation
  • enhances the mobility of joints
  • increases flexibility, facilitates the energy flow
  • absorbs emotional burden

Thai massage is not recommended in case of phlebitis, osteoporosis, dermatological treatments, hypertension, cardiovascular problems (following stroke), cancer, or after operations.

In which cases does the Medical SPA give the best healing results?

  • intellectual and physical fatigue
  • preventive, preventative health maintenance
  • musculoskeletal diseases
    • inflammatory musculoskeletal and locomotor disorders, chronic conditions (ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis, diseases associated with psoriasis, osteoarthritis, etc),
    • soft tissue rheumatism (soft tissue infections around joints, fibromyalgia, tunnel syndromes, tennis and golf elbow, etc),
    • degenerative joint and spine diseases (arthrosis, wear of intervertebral discs, spinal calcification, etc)
  • Secondary locomotor diseases
    • endocrine disorders with locomotor manifestations of metabolic diseases, rheumatology aspects (eg . gout),
    • reactive arthropathies (after the acute phase)
  • bone metabolism diseases
  • Trauma injuries, musculoskeletal disorders following sports injuries
    • cases of orthopedic, rheumatic surgery, rehabilitation treatments before spinal surgery, when wishing to avoid surgery (small and large joint replacement surgery, reconstructive surgery, spinal surgery , fixation surgeries, etc)
    • rehabilitation treatment following orthopaedic or rheumatic surgery and post-surgical spinal surgery (late postoperative)
  • chronic nerve pain, nerve inflammations
  • chronic pain syndrome
  • neurosurgical disorders, paralysis, post-rehabilitation (after a stroke or brain surgery, Heine-Medin disease, spinal surgery and related conditions, sclerosis multiplex, etc.).
  • chronic muscle pain
  • chronic gynecological diseases (chronic inflammation of fallopian tubes)

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